This is an exciting... highly readable book that illuminates a major health problem--chronic pains suffered by millions of people.

+ Dr. Ronald Melzack, World-reknowned pain researcher,
cofounder of the "Gate Control Theory of Pain"


The Pain Detective by Hillel Finestone The Pain Detective by Hillel Finestone The Pain Detective by Hillel Finestone

Dr. Hillel Finestone, M.D., is a researcher and rehabilitation specialist whose work has been featured in publications as diverse as The Lancet, and USA Today. The key to understanding causes and solutions for many apparently mysterious, recurring aches, he explains, lies in understanding the mind-body relationship and the "real meaning" behind symptoms with no immediately obvious cause.

Taking the reader into several diagnostic sessions to illustrate what he sees as a "detective" process to find the source of pain, Finestone explains how psychological and social issues can influence health and healing, for better or worse. Low back and neck pain, fibromyalgia and even work related pains are delved into. Finestone discusses real cases about how healing the mind can heal the injured tissues of the body. Unique and useful diagrams explain how mind and body can be so connected and reactive to each other

Readers can follow Dr. Finestone and view, step by step, how The Pain Detective works to help his patients - and perhaps his readers too - find true pain relief.

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Table of Contents

  • Series Foreword by Julie K. Silver, M.D.
  • Acknowledgments
  • Introduction
  • 1. Musculoskeletal Pain, Stress, Wound Healing, and Mind-Body Relationships: A New Perspective
  • 2. She Figured It Out: A Case of Back Pain
  • 3. I'm So Tired of the Chronic Fatigue and Pain
  • 4. Elbow Grease
  • 5. Tears and Fibromyalgia Syndrome (3 pages)
  • 6. Children of the Bottle: Alcohol and Other Pain Risk Factors
  • 7. Shame Pain: I Can't Get No Job Satisfaction
  • 8. Clenched Fists: Posttraumatic Stress and Fear
  • 9. Abusive Pain and Vitamin Hope
  • 10. Instant Relief from Medication, or Treatment for the Mind Is Hard to Find
  • 11. The Executive Asshole Syndrome,or Busy-People Arm-Pain Syndrome
  • 12. Wrapping Up: Pain, Disability, Society, and the Individual
  • Appendix: Pain Explanation and Treatment Diagram

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